My name is Phil Byrne and until recently I have been a UK based web marketeer.

In July 2010, I was smuggled across the vast Atlantic ocean to join my American girlfriend in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I loved every second of it and experienced first hand the marvels of international travel. Since then, we have lived in the USA, returned back to the UK, moved over to Ireland for 3 months and then more recently, Portugal. Where next? Who knows!

Cheap Hotel Chains was my very first affiliate site, it’s still my most successful. Having been truly bitten by the travel bug, I started this blog back in December 2010 with an aim to seek out a variety of special, significant and unusual destinations throughout the continent of Europe. The world is a wonderful place and I hope this blog inspires both you and I to visit many parts of it.

Phil Byrne

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