October Festivals Across Europe in 2012

If you are thinking about going somewhere in Europe during October for a short getaway then you could do worse than visiting one of the following festivals. The sun may be long gone, but the festivals are in full swing, so check out one of the following events if you are looking for something a bit different.

Oktoberfest Augustiner Festhalle © by sanfamedia.com


Oktoberfest in Munich is the biggest beer festival in the world. Dating back to 1810, it now attracts in the region of five million visitors from all over the world over the 16 days that it is held.

It starts at the end of September and carries on into October, and when you arrive you will find over 30 beer tents all serving up copious amounts of the finest beer that Germany has to offer which has a minimum alcohol content of 6%.

Alongside the drink there is plenty of traditional food, including würstl, sauerkraut and knödel, meaning you can eat and drink to your heart’s content.


October is a good time for festivals in Italy, and you will have your choice of a number of events. There is Boccaccesca for a start, which is a food festival held over the first two weekends of the month. Foodies will find this taking place in Certaldo Alto in Tuscany where they will find all sorts of delicious treats on offer.

Another of the best is the Alba White Truffle Festival. This takes place throughout the month on weekends in the town of Alba, and is one of the most important truffle festivals in the country. If you fancy nosing out some fun and fine cuisine then this is the place to go.


The Spanish are never afraid of putting on a good party, and you will find plenty of events throughout the country during October. Seville holds the Bienal de Flamenco festival on even years (so the next one is in 2012), and there is the usual concoction of food and music alongside a focus on flamenco to keep you entertained.

For those with a soft spot for seafood the Fiesta de la Exaltación del Marisco in Galicia is the place to go. Dates for this festival change each year so find out when it is going to be held before you start to plan your trip.


The main festival in Finland during October is the Baltic Herring Market, a seafood festival which lasts a week. This has been held in Helsinki since as far back as 1743, and during the celebrations the local fishermen serve up their finest herring cooked up in a range of different styles, so make sure you try them all.


If you want to head across the Channel to France in October you will find that Nuit Blanche is celebrated throughout the country. This is an excellent time to visit because you will find that many museums, parks, galleries and other attractions stay open throughout the night, creating a very special atmosphere.

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