The Origins of London and What It Has To Offer

Where to start with a city such as London? The capital of the UK is the largest city in the European Union and has so much history, energy and pizzazz one can spend a lifetime in the city and never be bored. Join the 14 million people in the area (one of the most multicultural group of people you’ll find on the planet) and explore every street bursting with politics, culture, fashion and entertainment.

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The location ‘London’ is hard to pin down, as the city has grown in scope over the centuries. Initially London was just the central square mile (known as the ‘City of London’) but as the metropolis grew it simply engulfed some of the local counties, Middlesex for example. Despite this rapid growth and the large number of people living in the relatively small space, London still retails a surprising amount of open space and green area.

Greater London is perhaps the area where travellers will spend most of their time; even this area is split into a range of boroughs which exude their own cultural heritage. All have their own history, but districts such as Bloomsbury and The City are positively busting with historical buildings and former residences of turn-of-the-century poets.

London has every type of shop under the sun, and you’ll be hard pressed not to find something you want. Various districts have carved out their own niche – Covent Garden is a hive of shops and entertainment, it also boasts some of the country’s most famous theatres. If you’re feeling flush, heading to Mayfair is the place to find the highest quality goods from fashion designers around the world. Be warned, these famous shopping streets are not for the down-at-heel.

Heading to Leicester Square will bring you into the West End which is where you find a large Chinatown, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, locations known around the world. For a night out one can head to one of the aforementioned entertainment districts, but Soho remains one of the most densely concentrated areas in London to find mid- to high-priced bars, clubs and restaurants. In the warmer months, the streets are thronged with people visiting the highly fashionable cafés that line the streets.

A tour around London will certainly bring you to Westminster, where the wheels of power live. In this area you’ll find not only Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, but the official residence of the Queen – Buckingham Palace. Heading over to the South Bank will offer you great views of the Thames, and where you’ll be able to ride the sky-high London eye.

London is very easy to get about in, with one of the oldest and largest Metro systems in the world. The buses also perform a great backup function, and once you’ve mastered them both you’ll be able to traverse the city with ease. Black cabs are also ubiquitous if you don’t mind spending a little more – just ensure you’ll not get stuck in a jam.
Pick up a copy of Time Out magazine when you arrive, which will point you in the direction of what’s on during your stay. You are certain to find that whenever you visit it is impossible to be bored in London.

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