Tips on Finding Budget Accommodation for a Stag Weekend in the UK

There’s a lot of planning and expense that can go into a stag weekend, including where the party will stay. To be honest, most members of the group would probably prefer to have their money go toward drinks, activities and clubs than on a luxury hotel. Most of the time likely is not going to be spent at the hotel anyway. Saving money on overnight accommodation can reduce the expenses for the party, or allow for more spending in other areas.

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While many best mates planning a stag weekend may think they have to find a posh resort for everybody to stay, reserving less costly accommodation can lower the overall expenses for everybody. Finding an inexpensive place to stay may not be that difficult.

*Star Ratings – It can be tempting to book a five-star hotel or other facility for the group to spend the night, thinking this will be more memorable. However, this is probably where the group will spend the least amount of time, and what time will be spent there will be for sleeping. Does the group really need a lot of amenities they’re probably not going to be around to enjoy anyway? A better idea may be to find a decent two-star room accommodation, which will cost a lot less. Online reviews can give a good indication of whether a place is good value for money.

*Book early – Many places will offer special deals or lower prices the earlier in advance the reservation is made. Try to book accommodation as soon as a date is known for the stag do. This will also have the added benefit of letting others know how much this part of the party will cost.

*Check online deals – Be sure to look for website-only deals which are offered by some places. Different offers may be available at certain times of the year.

*Use a hostel – These can be one of the most inexpensive ways to spend a night or two in a city if the boys don’t mind sharing a room and bathroom facilities.

*Stay further away – Accommodation located very close to the centre of a city tend to be more expensive than those located further away or even outside of town. Use public transport or a taxi to get to the where the action is and back to the room.

*Package deals – Look for special deals being offered that might include a free or reduced night’s stay at a place associated with one of the other activities the group might be considering.

*Self sufficient – Consider renting a self-catering cottage rather than staying at a hotel that provides meals. Sometimes weekly rates can work out cheaper than a couple of nights in a hotel. This might be a good option if the group plan on doing outdoor activities in the countryside.

It’s certainly understandable for someone to want to reserve the best accommodation possible for their best mate’s stag do. It’s his party and it should be memorable. Logically, however, it can be better all around to choose less expensive options. It’s only used for sleeping a bit, so why sink too much money into it? Less expensive options are available for those willing to look.

This article has been written by Andrea Thompson of Stag Do Ideas, a website that offers lots of tips for planning a memorable stag party.

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