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City Stats:

Population: 71,198
Number of Hotels on This Site: 234
Size: 14.9 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

One of the most popular beaches in Benidorm is Levante which stretches for over a mile. It is clean, has a lot of amenities and there are also lifeguards on duty, making it one of the most popular places to spend time in Benidorm.

One of the most popular spots in Benidorm is the Balcony of the Mediterranean. This is a viewpoint where you can look out along the coast of the town and out across the ocean, so make sure you head here at least once during your stay.

Benidorm Island is a protected island in the bay, and boats take tourists out so that they can enjoy a walk on it. As well as spotting some of the seabirds which live here, there is also a restaurant and a boat with a glass floor so you can look down into the sea below.

Mundomar is one of the best parks in Benidorm. It is a water park where you will also find lots of animals such as seals, dolphins, penguins and flamingos. Another good park is Terra Natura, which is split into different areas representing regions of the world.

Best Known For:

Benidorm is known as being one of the first places for package tourism to take off in a big way. Before the 1960s, Benidorm was just a little village. Now it has changed entirely, and the seafront is lined with hotels.

One of the reasons that Benidorm is so popular is its climate. It is sheltered by the nearby mountains, and stays warm throughout the year with 3,400 hours of sunshine.


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