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City Stats:

Population: 353,187
Number of Hotels on This Site: 45
Size: 15.7 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

Without a doubt, the standout attraction of Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum. Since it opened in 1997, this masterpiece designed by Frank Gehry is an incredible building quite unlike anything you have seen before. Inside it gets even more interesting, and you will find a collection of modern exhibitions featuring work from artists all over the world.

The Transporter Bridge is said to be the oldest one of its kind in the world, and for that reason it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It dates back to 1893, and if you want to you can go up to the overpass to enjoy some fantastic views.

The Gothic Cathedral of Santiago is well worth a visit during your time in Bilbao. It was built in the 14th century, but it was only in the 20th century that it was made into a cathedral.

Museo Vasco is the place to go to find out about the history of the Basque people of Bilbao and the surrounding region. It is located in the Old Town, and you will find displays here relating to fishing, pottery, clothes, farming and more, as well as a number of archaeological finds.

Best Known For:

Bilbao is now famous around the world for the incredible Guggenheim, and that is one of the main reasons that people visit the city. It is a truly impressive structure which is instantly recognisable, and the contemporary and modern art on display inside makes it a fantastic attraction.

Bilbao is also well known for its tapas, and you will find this served up in numerous tapas bars known as 'pinxtos'. The main type of cuisine you will find here is fished-based, including a number of dishes based on 'bacalao' (cod).


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