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City Stats:

Population: 869,067
Size: 1,405.454 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

One of the most stunning places to visit during your stay in Majorca is Cap de Formentor. This is the northernmost point of the island on the end of the Formentor Peninsula, and is a place of dramatic landscapes and stunning views. The drive to reach it is unforgettable.

Els Calderers is a museum housed inside an old manor house where you can find out more about Majorcan traditions through paintings, artworks, furniture, photographs and more.

A fun day out for the family could involve a trip to Aqualand El Arenal. There are a whole range of attractions here, including water slides, rapids, pools and more. It is great for any age group, and there are also restaurants and snack bars where you can find your lunch.

The Gardens of Alfabia comprise a number of spectacular gardens which provide you with the perfect way to enjoy some peace and quiet during your stay. Fountains, oases, palm trees and many species of plants make this a very attractive place to visit.

A trip to Cabrera Island is a good way to enjoy an afternoon. This is situated 11 miles from the coast and you can head out on a boat trip. The island is a national park and some claim that it was the place where Hannibal was born. It was also used as a prison camp during the Napoleonic War.

Best Known For:

Majorca was known as being a stronghold for nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, and it was attacked in 1936 to try and remove the Nationalists in what is know referred to as the Battle of Majorca. However, Nationalists managed to repel the Republicans despite their inferior forces and finally won.

Majorca is now well known for its tourist industry, and it attracts a huge number of tourists every year from Spain, Europe and beyond, which has been responsible for dramatic growth.

Two of the best tennis players in recent years, Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya, are Majorcans.

Majorca is also famous for its cheese which has Protected Designation of Origin because it is only made on the island. Make sure you try some during your stay.


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