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City Stats:

Population: 401,270
Population of Urban Area: 517,285
Number of Hotels on This Site: 190
Size: 80.6 square miles
More Info At:,_Majorca

Key Tourist Sights:

Palma Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral dating back to the 16th century. One of the main attractions is the Royal Chapel which was designed by Antoni Gaudí, although other features of interest include the stained-glass windows and the 150-foot-high nave. The Cathedral Museum is also worth a look, and it includes a number of important artefacts.

Palma Aquarium is one of the best of its kind in Spain. In total there are over 50 aquariums here, containing sea creatures and plants from across the Mediterranean and the world. There are thousands of specimens on display, including sharks and stingrays, and there is also a playground and pirate ship.

Castell de Bellver is a 14th century palace which was later used as a prison up until the beginning of the 20th century. It is located on a hill above Palma Bay, with some fantastic views to be had, and there is an attractive courtyard to explore as well as a museum.

The Arab Baths were built when Palma was under Muslim rule. They date back to the 10th century, and a visit here is highly recommended. You will also find a pleasant garden and courtyard in the grounds.

Best Known For:

Palma is a popular tourist destination, not only for foreign tourists but for the Spanish royal family who come here every year.

Palma is probably most well known for its cathedral, La Seu, which took about 400 years to be completed. When it was restored in 1901, Antoni Gaudí carried on some work on it, including the design of the Royal Chapel.

One of the most interesting areas to explore here is the Old City behind the cathedral. This has a distinctly Arab feel to it, with thin, winding streets where you can get lost in the maze.

Real Mallorca is the football team of the island, and its stadium is located in Palma. The team plays in the first division in Spain.


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