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City Stats:

Population: 906,854
Number of Hotels on This Site: 391
Size: 785.3 square miles
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Key Tourist Sights:

If you want to head to somewhere particularly picturesque then Masca village should be on your itinerary. The drive here is half of the fun, and when you arrive you'll find spectacular views across a large gorge. If you enjoy walking then you may even want to head into the gorge.

The Thousand-Year-Old Dragon Tree is worth visiting during your stay. The tree looks very odd, with an almost mushroom-like shape, and it reaches up to 60 feet in the air. You'll find it in a small garden and it is believed to be the oldest sample of a tree of this species.

Who said you had to go to Egypt to see pyramids? The Pyramids of Güímar, excavated as recently as the 1990s, consist of six pyramids. They were constructed by the Guanches, and you will find a visitor centre and museum here to learn more about these impressive ancient monuments.

Another of the main attractions in Tenerife is El Teide, the highest mountain on the island which has a summit of over 12,000 feet. You can get to the top by cable car which provides some fantastic views along the way, and then there is a bit of a walk up to the summit for which you will need a permit.

Best Known For:

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canaries, and it is also the most populous with 43% of population of all the islands. It is also the most popular destination for tourists in the island chain, and each year its population swells as about five million tourists visit.

Tenerife is known for its fiestas, and one of the biggest carnivals in the world is held here, called the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is held in February each year, and it has become a major tourist attraction. It is second only to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and it is now trying to become a World Heritage Site.

Tenerife also has an important university, the University of La Laguna, which is the oldest of all the universities in the Canary Islands, dating back to 1927.

Tenerife also boasts the highest elevation in the whole of Spain. The volcanic mountain El Teide has a summit over 12,000 feet in height, and you can travel to the top in a cable car.


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